Posted: May 15th, 2017 1:01pm UTC

Global Ransomware Attack Update

It is concerning to hear about what happened to the NHS and countless computers and users around the world.

We can confirm that there are no known issues with our applications with applying the latest Microsoft updates or other security and anti-virus updates therefore ensure that these are applied to your own internal systems as soon as possible.

For those clients who utilise our hosting services be aware that our own technicians and those of our datacenters at UKFast have been working to ensure that everything that can possibly be done to protect you is in place.

There have been no reported incidents of any customer of ours or UKFast being affected by this particular ransomware and we are continuing on high alert for the foreseeable future until the risk subsides.

All our servers have had the latest security patches applied and the McAfee protection policies have all been updated across our platform. This is just one of many ransomware out there.

Please be vigilant with emails that you open, especially opening attachments.


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